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Tim’s Carpet Cleaning is based in Fullerton CA in Orange County CA. We professionally clean carpets in Yorba Linda CA, Brea CA, Orange CA, Anaheim CA, Anaheim Hills CA, Diamond Bar CA, La Mirada CA, and most North Orange County cities. Our Orange County carpet cleaning is second to none. We can handle most situations from 24 hour emergency flood service, tile and grout, as well as clean carpet and upholstery in Orange county.

Tim’s Carpet Cleaning Guarantee’s The Best Carpet Cleaning EVER or it’s FREE!

Here at Tim’s we offer the best Guarantee in the business: You get the most thoroughly cleaned carpets and upholstery ever OR it’s free! If you are unhappy afterwards, we will come back and redo any areas. If you are still unhappy we will refund your money. What could be more fair. Technicians are all IICRC certified. This means we are educated and passed all tests in the areas we are dealing with including emergency flood for your carpets, upholstery, tile etc…

Demo Of Dry Cleaning VS Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning

We can handle most of your needs with beautiful results. Our customers love what they see when we are finished. We take complete pride in our carpet cleaning Orange County services. Our valued customers say they have never seen such beautifully cleaned carpets. Our steam cleaning service heats the steam up to 180 – 190 degrees.   At this 180 degree temperature dirt, grease, and even allergens can’t survive. Most allergens are killed at high temperatures over 120 degrees. This service creates a healthier home environment. Our services do so many things for your home and business from cleaner and fresher carpets as well as fresh clean air.

One thing that can happen to your home and always at the least convenient times is flooding. It can happen where ever there are pipes in your home or in the bathroom and the kitchen. If you have a two story house there is potential for flooding to come through the ceiling to the lower floor from a running plugged toilet as you go away for the day.

Don’t worry we will can help. First call your emergency plumber to stop and repair the leak.  But  call us immediately day or night. Don’t wait for the plumber to fix the leak because we need to assess the situation and get the drying process started immediately. The faster we start the drying process, the better chance for bring your carpeting back to its clean and fresh smelling state. Once the carpet is dry we will clean them and give them that clean fresh look and smell.

Tims Truck Carpet Cleaning in Fullerton CA

If you have a flood in your home call us IMMEDIATELY, DAY OR NIGHT!  Time is very important to start drying and cleaning your flooded carpet.

If you have Tim’s service maintain your carpets on a regular basis we will know your home and be prepared for the possibility of an emergency as well as making your home cleaner and air fresher. In addition to our 180 degree can truly get grease and grime, we use excellent fresheners. We also have carpet protection supplies with us at all times to prevent stains from becoming a permanent.

Many people never think about cleaning their upholstered furniture. Just think about this! As we live our body sheds dead skin. This dead skin settles into our furniture and becomes food for dust mites and other foul critters. This alone is a good reason to clean your furniture at a minimum of once a year. Dirt and grime also set into your furniture creating a less than healthy environment as we read a book or watch our favorite  TV show.

Make sure you vacuum your carpets at least once a week. This is the best carpet maintenance you can do to on a daily or weekly basis. Then once or twice a year have your carpets professionally cleaned.

If you live in Orange County we provide carpet cleaning Yorba Linda CA, carpet cleaning Brea CA, Diamond Bar CA,  Fullerton CA, Anaheim CA,  Anaheim Hills CA and other carpet cleaning orange county cities.


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Tim’s Carpet Cleaning has been doing my house for probably 15 years, and Tim has always been incredibly accommodating and careful when in my home.  Linda L.

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