Carpet cleaning in Fullerton and Orange County

Tim’s Carpet Cleaning Truck Mounted Cleaning System is the best … here’s why!
Nothing compliments the décor of a room like a new carpet. Unfortunately, as the carpet ages, it’s very difficult to get it looking like new no matter how hard you try. Other inferior methods are good, but don’t quite nail that new carpet feel. Often, although the carpet may be cleaner, there are noticeable marks left by their chemical residue.

This is where you can benefit from trying Fullerton carpet cleaning firm- Tim’s Carpet Cleaning. They have perfected the art of using a truck mounted carpet cleaning system which gives a very powerful, deep clean. This can have the carpet looking almost as new as the day it was laid. During our 20 years of carpet cleaning Fullerton experience, we have kept abreast of the newest carpet cleaning technology to provide our clients a system that will absolutely get the job done.

What’s different about our truck steam cleaning truck mounted cleaning?
There are many carpet cleaning Fullerton – based firms, but Tim’s Carpet Cleaning are one of the few firms to have perfected the high temperature steam cleaning truck mounted method. It uses temperatures of over 200 degrees to really pull the most stubborn build-ups of dirt out of the carpet. This is so hot it leaves the carpet almost dry after cleaning. We all know that temperature aids in cleaning, which is why we wash dishes with hot water rather than cold. This method uses steam cleaning for a really deep clean, relying on heat rather than the over-use of chemicals.

carpet cleaning in fullerton

It can transform the carpet of a business or a home making it look as if it’s never been stood on. Many people prematurely replace their carpet because they assume that it will be impossible to clean, but the truck mounted method will usually restore even the dirtiest of carpets close to the original color and texture.

It’s also far better than renting industrial carpet cleaning equipment from a store and trying to clean it yourself. Even the most expensive store rented equipment does not come close to the powerful very deep cleaning our truck mounted cleaning system will deliver. Not only is store rented equipment unlikely to work as well, but it will leave your carpet very wet with days of drying subjecting it to mold and carpet deterioration. Our truck mounted system will get the job done far quicker and absolutely better, with the minimum of disruption to your home or business. You have to remember that your time is valuable, if you run a business, you are far more valuable doing your actual job than trying to clean a carpet.

So if you are a resident of Fullerton, CA or surrounding cities, or you own a Fullerton based business call us. When searching for “carpet cleaning Fullerton”, give Tim’s Carpet Cleaning a call. Tim and his crew can usually resurrect even the most downtrodden of carpets and usually make it look almost new condition. It’s far cheaper than buying a new carpet, and far more thorough than any other inferior method of carpet cleaning.

Tim’s Carpet Cleaning has the vast experience in carpet cleaning Fullerton and carpet cleaning Orange County, to make your business offices or home look like a place that people want to visit.

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