Orange County Carpet Cleaning To Remove Pet Urine

Pet Urine Removal In Orange County

All pet owners know where pet stains come from! When nature calls and your back is turned, presto your pet leaves a wet spot on the carpet or your favorite piece of furniture! Now your beautiful carpet or sofa is soaking wet and you have very embarrassing odors throughout your lovely home. You now have a wet spot where your pet will soon return. You need an Orange County carpet cleaning service to help you.

What should you do? Firstly, you must train your pet that there is a better place to relieve itself when Mother Nature calls. Call your professional carpet cleaner (Tim of course) to get it cleaned and deodorized. The quicker the response the easier the odor and the stain removal will be.

Tim’s Orange County Carpet Cleaning service is here to assist you with your pet stain and odor removal needs. We will return your carpet to its beautify and fresh smelling condition it was before the pet urine. Then you can enjoy having your family and friends over without embarrassment.

Orange county carpet cleaning for a cat in the house

We only use advanced cleaners and odor removers. They will completely remove the stain and eliminate the foul odors. You will be ready to entertain your guests with complete confidence with a fresh smelling home.

Orange County Carpet Cleaning Pet Odor Removal

Pet owners realize that odors from pets can be a problem especially with very young and older cats. After they have wet the carpet or furniture they tend to go back to the same spot. Some pets are just prone to accidents! This can create unpleasant smells throughout your home.

Our carpet cleaning professionals always use top quality specialty cleaners and deodorizers when cleaning pet urine, fecal matter, and foul odors. Enzymes in our cleaners will organically break down and remove them. Do not delay calling us because if you wait for a few days it will be much more difficult to remove the stain and odors. We have removed hundreds of pet stains making us experts who can really get the job done.

Remember; don’t delay calling us as soon as possible. You can count on Tim’s Orange County Carpet Cleaning service to bring the life back into your carpet and upholstered furniture.  Your home should be a place filled with love, pride and inviting scents.

Some pet urine problems can be more serious especially if the pet repeatedly returns to the spot. Occasionally, we may have to pull the carpet up to clean the carpet and seal the floor underneath the carpet pad. Normally we do not have to do this, but there are times this is necessary.

Watch your pet after the treatment

Sometimes minor pet odors can’t be detected by humans, but your pet will know it’s there. These pets sometimes become repeat offenders and return to the scene of the crime. Sometimes it can be a sign of urinary tract infection especially if this is the first time. In this situation, you should take your pet to your veterinarian. Other stresses for your pet can also trigger the carpet urine problem such as a new pet, a new baby, or even a change in environment like a recent move. Animals react to stresses in different ways and sometimes its by leaving urine spots on the carpets or furniture.

Cat in Orange County

In the worst cases, with pet urine not removed and disinfected, your carpet can be damaged by weakening the carpet layers and the carpet seams can separate. Germs and bacteria will leave an unhealthy environment for your family. We can disinfect and stop the damage to your carpet and the unhealthy situation for your family. Our enzyme cleaners will bind to the odor and neutralize them. Remember to call Tim’s Orange County Carpet Cleaning Service for all your carpet cleaning needs.


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