Carpet Cleaning Brea And Carpet Cleaning Yorba Linda

How often should you get professional carpet cleaning in Yorba Linda and Brea?

Regular carpet cleaning Brea and carpet cleaning Yorba Linda is a must. This cleaning will not only clean your homes carpets, but it will also create fresher air and longer lasting carpets than carpets that are neglected. Trapped dirt in your carpets will break down the fibers and cause discoloration and wear patterns. Manufactures of professional cleaning products have made great gains over the last 5 years.

Tim’s Carpet Cleaning of Orange County only carries top quality carpet cleaning products along with his top notch truck mounted steam cleaning equipment. Remember, you get what you pay! Tim’s not only removes pet and carpet odors his high temperature steam cleaners will also kill bacteria in your home carpeting.

What does the EPA recommend for quality air in your home?

When was the last time you professionally cleaned your carpets? Most Orange County resident’s weather in Brea, Yorba Linda or any other Orange County city cleaned their carpets about a year ago – and will now wait another year to again, have them professionally clean. The Environmental Protections Agency (EPA letter, January 1989) suggests that you clean your carpets every 6 to 12 months. Most carpet manufactures recommend using steam cleaning at least once a year. You may want to clean more often for high traffic areas, and families with pets and who smoke. Areas with low use should be cleaned every 12 to 18 months. Large families with multiple pets need professional cleaning every 3 to 6 months.

These recommendations are based on indoor air quality and keeping your carpets in top condition. Pregnant mothers and the elderly, as well as people who have allergies will have a much higher quality of life with clean carpets. Your carpets will act like a very large filter holding in the dust, dander and the outdoor dirt that has been tracked into your home. Your carpet need’s extra care to remove the dirt that accumulates.

Indoor air quality is definitely affected by how often your carpets are vacuumed and professionally cleaned. Once a year, professional carpet cleaning, should be adequate for seniors and single women and men. If you have extra pets and people living in your home, it may be necessary to have more frequent cleanings to maintain the newness of the carpeting and the freshness of the air.

Carpet Cleaning in Brea CA

What are the signs telling you that it’s time to clean the carpets?

1. The carpet is flattening and matted, and you can vacuum all day long, and it’s still flattened and matted.

2. Your carpeting has stains you can’t remove with standard cleaning products.

3. The carpets just feel grimy, and dust is flying in the air even after a good vacuuming.

4. Your home has a musty odor or your pets have soiled the carpeting.

5. It’s been 6 to12 months since your last cleaning, and now it’s time.

Certain high traffic rooms will need to be steam cleaned more often than others. Rooms that are not being used will need a fresh cleaning every 12 to 18 months to maintain their freshness and air quality. The average family of 3 or 4 with a cat or dog should get their carpets professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months. We recommend you professionally clean your carpets once in the spring and once in the fall.

The dust you collect in your cleaning rags is only a small fraction of what is truly building up in your carpeting. Remember, with all the dust, dander, and dirt collecting in and on your carpeting. Just realize how much dirt you collect on your carpets from your pets and your family tracking into your home. Make a quality decision on how often you should clean the carpets in your home.

Final Thoughts About Carpet Cleaning Brea and Carpet Cleaning Yorba Linda

As we discovered in this article, things aren’t always as they appear. It’s best to clean your carpeting every 6 to 12 months. Tim’s Carpet Cleaning service offers top quality steam cleaning. Tim’s motto is “The Best Cleaning Ever – Or It’s Free”! Call Tim for all your carpet cleaning Brea and carpet cleaning Yorba Linda needs. Call him today to schedule your next cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning In Orange County Indoor Air Quality

The Things You Didn’t Know About Carpet Cleaning in Orange County

Does Carpet Cleaning Really Help Indoor Air Quality? (IAQ)

Most people start thinking about professional carpet cleaning in Orange County cities like Brea, Yorba Linda and Anaheim Hills when they are about to have company over for dinner, and they have “embarrassing” traffic lanes in the living room. Two more reasons for this are when their son spills Kool-aid on his bedroom carpet, or when the husband spills coffee on the carpets in the home office. These are solid reasons to get the carpets cleaned.

There are even more pertinent reasons to get your carpets cleaned on a regular basis. Carpet manufactures almost always require a professional steam cleaning of your carpets every 18 months after purchasing new carpeting. They also recommend a professional steam cleaning once a year. The EPA STATES to follow the manufactures recommendations. They also say,  “Carpet also acts as a reservoir for dust, dirt, pollen, mold spores, pesticides and other materials. Some studies indicate that poorly maintained carpet can release significant quantities of particles into the air during the course of daily activity. In addition, young children may play on the carpet where they may be more likely to come into contact with contaminants that have not been properly removed. So they recommend you clean your carpets on a regular basis to fight indoor air quality problems. See (

This is a good educational video about indoor air quality.

The EPA warns that indoor air may be many times more polluted than the air you breathe in the outdoors. How much time do you spend indoors? Most Americans spend most of their lives indoors breathing unhealthy air. Tim’s Carpet Cleaning in Orange County can help you with much cleaner air.

How does indoor air quality get so bad in Brea and Yorba Linda?

1.         Unmentionable things trace into your home every day. Have you heard about hitch hikers coming into your home? Well, they are hitch hikers coming into your home on your shoes, your kids, the dogs, and even on your hair and clothes. What are these hitch hikers? They are sand, mud, pesticides, pollens, smoke, bacteria and fungus, even pesticides. There are dozens of harmful pollutants and chemicals that hike right into your inside living environment. These pollutants settle into your home for a long time.  They need to be removed with a weekly vacuuming and occasional deep steam cleaning.

2.         Cooking, as well as cleaning solutions, bring odors and chemicals into your home environment. They settle into the carpeting, upholstery and even your clothes and hair.  You wash your clothes and hair to remove these pollutants, but they stay in your carpeting and upholstery until they get a thorough cleaning.  This pollutant levels increase over time making our indoor air even more polluted than out outdoor air.Orange County mother and daughter in Kitchen

3.         Pets are delightful companions. But, pets make it difficult to keep the house clean. Pet and human hair are naturally oily. This oily condition attracts dirt, chemicals and unmentionables when they roll in the grass. They then come into our home with everything from the outside and roll on the carpets and floors.  So where ever your pet is lying down or running in your home is where they will transfer many types of pollutants. These contaminates will be transferred from their hair and their paws to whatever surface they are on. This magnifies the poor air quality, and this “stuff” settles and eventually embeds deeply into the carpets and upholstery.

4.         Smoking adds to home air pollution. This is certainly a personal choice, but our professional carpet and upholstery service are remarkably effective in removing smoke odors.

Cleaning this air, carpet, and upholstery pollution problems by Tim”s Carpet Cleaning Orange County.

Let the fresh air come into your Orange County home. In good weather in Brea and Yorba Linda, it’s easy to open your windows and let the fresh air circulate. This will freshen up the dead air. We live indoors, so we do not have to suffer the elements of wind, heat and cold you can experience outdoors. This creates stagnant air that should be freshen from time to time.

Keep these contaminates outdoors as much as possible. Use door mats to scrape some of the dirt off your shoes. Removing your shoes is even better. Clean your carpets and upholstery at least once each week with a high quality vacuum cleaner, to remove the surface dirt. Smoking outdoors will unquestionably help. Exhaust fans in the kitchen also help remove some of the cooking smoke. Wash your pets every couple of weeks. You never know what they have been rolling in. This is just a starter list. Maybe you can come up with more ways to keep your home clean and the indoor air fresh.

Lady in Orange County vacuuming the carpetUse high quality home air filters for your furnace and air conditioner. Remember to replace your filter every 90 days. Many people don’t realize the carpet is actually the biggest air filter in your home. It’s actually highly effective in catching and holding these many types of pollutants carried in by your shoes and your pets. It catches the kitchen smoke, pet dander, and things you track into your home. Your carpets and upholstery can become unsanitary after a year or so. These contaminants build up and just like your air filter and begin contaminating the air in the home. Your air filter needs to be changed every 3 months and your carpets also need occasional cleaning.

Remember, carpet manufactures recommend a professional steam cleaning every 12 to 18 months to remove these pollutants. Tim’s Carpet Cleaning in Orange County will clean deep inside your carpet and remove these contaminates. It will keep your carpet and interior air cleaner, healthier and fresh smelling. If you faithfully clean your carpets about every 12 months you can expect to add years to the life, and have a much cleaner and healthier home environment.

Is a professional carpet cleaning in Orange County cities like Brea, Yorba Linda and Anaheim Hills is essential to maintain good indoor air quality? Absolutely!

Carpet Cleaning Anaheim Reduces Allergens

Are Allergies Annoying You The Best Way To Keep Allergies Away Is To Clean Your Carpets Regularly

Carpets bring beauty and soft comfort to your home that wood and tile can’t. Just like anything else, keeping them fresh and renewed requires regular cleaning. Regular Carpet Cleaning Anaheim and Orange County is essential to keep the allergens down. Today millions of people are suffering from allergies and asthma on a daily basis.

The air we breathe in our homes can be worse than the air in southern California. The air we breathe inside our homes is likely contaminated by dust, debris, and allergens from our furniture and carpets. Professional Anaheim carpet cleaning will create a much cleaner and healthier home environment than just vacuuming.

Customers for Carpet Cleaning Anaheim with Allergies

There are many benefits to a clean carpet for people who suffer allergies and asthma. Your carpets can act like large air filter. Think about your central home air filter when you change it every 90 days. It captures the airborne particles and holds them in the filter.

The same thing goes for your home carpeting. It acts like a giant filter cleaning the air. But like your central home air filter for the air conditioner and heater, it needs a regular cleaning. Regular vacuuming of your carpets helps but can’t do the total job. Many allergens are so small they are not even visible.

Vacuuming is not sufficient to get rid of these small particles or even the buildup of larger particles. Additionally, tracking of dirt day in and day out, creates a build up of dirt that goes deeper and deeper into the carpet fibers. This makes it exceedingly difficult for vacuums to do a thorough job. This creates an allergy prone environment.

Being an extremely large filter, your carpet will continue heaping on those fine particles deep into its carpet fibers. Most dust and debris will start settling deeper and deeper into the carpet as time goes on; even with regular vacuuming. This will flood the carpet fibers with things you don’t want. Every step will release more and more of the allergens into the room air.

Tim’s Carpet Cleaning Anaheim Creates Healthier Home

Steam cleaning your carpets by Tim’s Carpet Cleaning Anaheim service will capture dirt, allergens, and renew your carpet. We recommend this cleaning 2 times a year and in some cases 3 times especially if you are prone to get allergies.

Why should you select our state of the art truck mounted steam cleaning method for your carpet cleaning Anaheim? It is the only cleaning method recommended by carpet manufactures and the most complete and deep cleaning method available.

English: A look inside a van equipped for prof...

English: A look inside a van equipped for professional carpet cleaning, parked at a residence in Woodcroft, Durham, North Carolina. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If your carpets haven’t been cleaned in the last 6 to 12 months, isn’t it finally time to get them freshly cleaned for the clean, healthy environment you and your family deserve? Your inside air will be fresher, your home cleaner, and it will feel like a brand new start. By the way, we guarantee this carpet cleaning will be the best cleaning you have ever had; or it’s free.

At Tim’s Carpet Cleaning Anaheim service, we guarantee it is the best cleaning you have ever had; or it’s free. Our truck mounted steam cleaning service is the state of the art cleaning system second to none.

We use the best cleaners and enzymes we can find. The powerful suction will help it dry quickly. Your carpet will quickly dry and soon after we are finished you can start having light foot traffic in the rooms that we have cleaned.

Call us today and put our first class Carpet Cleaning Anaheim team to work!


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3 Smart Reasons for Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Brea CA and Yorba Linda CA

Why not use do-it-yourself machines you rent from your local big- box store? Are there advantages to professional carpet cleaning in Yorba Linda and Brea California? Is the cost justifies in the long run? These may be questions you ask yourself when your carpets are getting a little dirty. Can’t I just do it myself and get great results? The answer is it’s not even close to the same as getting a professional carpet cleaning using top quality professional cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions.

Weather you live in Yorba Linda CA, Brea CA, Orange CA, Anaheim CA or any other city in Orange County, here are three smart reasons for hiring a qualified professional clean your carpet in Orange County.

Here are three great reasons to] use a professional when it comes to caring for your valuable carpeting

Number One: Saves Your Expensive Carpet

Professional carpet cleaning is your number one choice to greatly extend the life of your costly carpeting.  Qualified professionals know their equipment and the correct cleaning solutions for each situations and carpet types. If fact each circumstance is individual and requires a its own solution. Each carpet type is constructed in different ways and has different fibers types and densities. True professionals will have experience with these variations with stain removal, pet mess and even water extractions.  They also understand proper care and cleaning solutions without damaging the carpets.

If you using rented equipment and substandard cleaners your carpets will not be cleaned completely. If fact in many cases they will only help embed the dirt deeper into the carpets and keep your carpets wet possibly creating a situation for bacteria to grow. This can produce foul odors in your home. This creates more problems than the dirt on your carpet.

Tim’s Carpet Cleaning Guarantee’s The Best Carpet Cleaning EVER Or it’s FREE!

Enjoy this TV program in England about reasons to Professionally Steam Clean your carpets

Number Two: Cleaner Home Environment

Professional carpet cleaning twice a year will have a great impact on the cleanliness and enjoyment of your home. It will also make a much healthier home environment for your family by removing the dirt and allergens from the carpet and keeping them from going airborne. Think healthier carpet = healthier and happier family! If not dirt and allergens land on your carpets from the inside air and as you walk through your home then they embed into the carpet fibers. This also makes your carpets wear quickly.

Picture of carpet cleaning in Brea CA

Number Three: Stubborn Stains Will Remove Easier

Our expert carpet cleaners will remove most hard to remove stains easier with the right equipment and the correct enzyme and stain removal solutions. Our years of experience, training, and tools of the trade really make a big difference in our knowledge of carpet types, stains, and the best remedy for each. These tasks are very affordable and much more affordable than neglect. Rented equipment and inferior cleaning products will only prolong the problem and many times make it even worse. It’s just money down the drain. In fact the most expensive option is definitely neglect.

These are three great reasons to have get professional carpet cleaning Brea CA, Yorba Linda CA, Orange CA and Anaheim CA or any of the Orange County Carpet Cleaning areas.

Here is the bottom line: You have good money invested in your carpets. Make sure your professional carpet cleaning crews are using the powerful state of the art truck mounted steam cleaning equipment. It puts out 130 degrees of powerful deep cleaning steam and cleaning solutions. This equipment will suck and pull most of the remaining moisture from your carpet for quick dryings. Do not use amateur equipment and solutions.

Do not invite inferior chemical cleaning products or rented equipment into your home. Your enjoyment of your carpeting and your health may depend on it. Your investment deserves proper care.

Call Tim’s Carpet Cleaning. We only use state of the art professional truck mounted steam cleaning equipment.  We do carpet cleaning Brea CA, Yorba Linda CA, Orange CA, Anaheim CA and most Orange County CA Carpet Cleaning.

Orange County Carpet Cleaning To Remove Pet Urine

Pet Urine Removal In Orange County

All pet owners know where pet stains come from! When nature calls and your back is turned, presto your pet leaves a wet spot on the carpet or your favorite piece of furniture! Now your beautiful carpet or sofa is soaking wet and you have very embarrassing odors throughout your lovely home. You now have a wet spot where your pet will soon return. You need an Orange County carpet cleaning service to help you.

What should you do? Firstly, you must train your pet that there is a better place to relieve itself when Mother Nature calls. Call your professional carpet cleaner (Tim of course) to get it cleaned and deodorized. The quicker the response the easier the odor and the stain removal will be.

Tim’s Orange County Carpet Cleaning service is here to assist you with your pet stain and odor removal needs. We will return your carpet to its beautify and fresh smelling condition it was before the pet urine. Then you can enjoy having your family and friends over without embarrassment.

Orange county carpet cleaning for a cat in the house

We only use advanced cleaners and odor removers. They will completely remove the stain and eliminate the foul odors. You will be ready to entertain your guests with complete confidence with a fresh smelling home.

Orange County Carpet Cleaning Pet Odor Removal

Pet owners realize that odors from pets can be a problem especially with very young and older cats. After they have wet the carpet or furniture they tend to go back to the same spot. Some pets are just prone to accidents! This can create unpleasant smells throughout your home.

Our carpet cleaning professionals always use top quality specialty cleaners and deodorizers when cleaning pet urine, fecal matter, and foul odors. Enzymes in our cleaners will organically break down and remove them. Do not delay calling us because if you wait for a few days it will be much more difficult to remove the stain and odors. We have removed hundreds of pet stains making us experts who can really get the job done.

Remember; don’t delay calling us as soon as possible. You can count on Tim’s Orange County Carpet Cleaning service to bring the life back into your carpet and upholstered furniture.  Your home should be a place filled with love, pride and inviting scents.

Some pet urine problems can be more serious especially if the pet repeatedly returns to the spot. Occasionally, we may have to pull the carpet up to clean the carpet and seal the floor underneath the carpet pad. Normally we do not have to do this, but there are times this is necessary.

Watch your pet after the treatment

Sometimes minor pet odors can’t be detected by humans, but your pet will know it’s there. These pets sometimes become repeat offenders and return to the scene of the crime. Sometimes it can be a sign of urinary tract infection especially if this is the first time. In this situation, you should take your pet to your veterinarian. Other stresses for your pet can also trigger the carpet urine problem such as a new pet, a new baby, or even a change in environment like a recent move. Animals react to stresses in different ways and sometimes its by leaving urine spots on the carpets or furniture.

Cat in Orange County

In the worst cases, with pet urine not removed and disinfected, your carpet can be damaged by weakening the carpet layers and the carpet seams can separate. Germs and bacteria will leave an unhealthy environment for your family. We can disinfect and stop the damage to your carpet and the unhealthy situation for your family. Our enzyme cleaners will bind to the odor and neutralize them. Remember to call Tim’s Orange County Carpet Cleaning Service for all your carpet cleaning needs.


Cleaning Sticky Candy From Your Clean Carpeting in Orange County

How Do You Clean Candy from Wool Carpeting?

We at Tim’s Carpet Cleaning service most of Orange County, including Fullerton CA,  Brea CA, Yorba Linda CA, and Anaheim CA. We like to include articles like this to help you with your everyday carpet care.

Saying no to candy is very difficult for children, but it’s even more difficult when the parents have to clean the carpet when the children drop it and it sticks. Stubborn sticky candy messes on your carpet is especially difficult to clean when it sticks to your carpet or even worse when it has been stepped on and it’s embedded in the fibers. Procedures for cleaning these carpets differ with various types of carpeting. The first tip is to avoid aggressive pulling the candy that is stuck to your carpet because it can damage it by ripping and leaving loose threads.


English: A look inside a van equipped for prof...

English: A look inside a van equipped for professional carpet cleaning, parked at a residence in Woodcroft, Durham, North Carolina. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To start, take a butter knife or a scraper like a butter knife. Scrape as much of the sticky candy as you can get out of the carpet. Remember do not be too aggressive. Remove as much of the embedded sticky gooey candy from the carpet as you can. Next, use a sponge and some warm water and then easily brush from the center outward getting more of the candy goo and particles. After you have done what you can with the sticky candy take a little dish soap and work into the carpet. Use your fingers here to make sure you get to the bottom of the fibers. Use a wet paper towel or cloth and gently transfer the remaining candy stain to the cloth. Now put a little distilled white vinegar on a clean cloth and dampen the candy stain. The white distilled vinegar needs to stay for a few minutes to get the remaining candy and stain out of the carpet. Distilled vinegar should force the remaining candy residue to dissolve.

To lift the final candy and stain press a clean wet cloth into the carpet. You can repeat this process if you stains remain in the carpet. It is always best to do this process when you see the fresh sticky candy on your carpet.
When the stain is finally removed and the carpet is clean flush the area with clean water. Damp sponges out as much of the water as you can and then allow it to dry naturally.

Don’t allow frustration to get to you. A little elbow grease will go a long way.

If you live in Orange County call us. We offer only the best carpet cleaning service in Orange County, CA.  You can always call us at Tim’s Carpet Cleaning Service and we can do this job for you. We offer the best carpet cleaning you have ever had or its free!

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Carpet cleaning in Fullerton and Orange County

Tim’s Carpet Cleaning Truck Mounted Cleaning System is the best … here’s why!
Nothing compliments the décor of a room like a new carpet. Unfortunately, as the carpet ages, it’s very difficult to get it looking like new no matter how hard you try. Other inferior methods are good, but don’t quite nail that new carpet feel. Often, although the carpet may be cleaner, there are noticeable marks left by their chemical residue.

This is where you can benefit from trying Fullerton carpet cleaning firm- Tim’s Carpet Cleaning. They have perfected the art of using a truck mounted carpet cleaning system which gives a very powerful, deep clean. This can have the carpet looking almost as new as the day it was laid. During our 20 years of carpet cleaning Fullerton experience, we have kept abreast of the newest carpet cleaning technology to provide our clients a system that will absolutely get the job done.

What’s different about our truck steam cleaning truck mounted cleaning?
There are many carpet cleaning Fullerton – based firms, but Tim’s Carpet Cleaning are one of the few firms to have perfected the high temperature steam cleaning truck mounted method. It uses temperatures of over 200 degrees to really pull the most stubborn build-ups of dirt out of the carpet. This is so hot it leaves the carpet almost dry after cleaning. We all know that temperature aids in cleaning, which is why we wash dishes with hot water rather than cold. This method uses steam cleaning for a really deep clean, relying on heat rather than the over-use of chemicals.

carpet cleaning in fullerton

It can transform the carpet of a business or a home making it look as if it’s never been stood on. Many people prematurely replace their carpet because they assume that it will be impossible to clean, but the truck mounted method will usually restore even the dirtiest of carpets close to the original color and texture.

It’s also far better than renting industrial carpet cleaning equipment from a store and trying to clean it yourself. Even the most expensive store rented equipment does not come close to the powerful very deep cleaning our truck mounted cleaning system will deliver. Not only is store rented equipment unlikely to work as well, but it will leave your carpet very wet with days of drying subjecting it to mold and carpet deterioration. Our truck mounted system will get the job done far quicker and absolutely better, with the minimum of disruption to your home or business. You have to remember that your time is valuable, if you run a business, you are far more valuable doing your actual job than trying to clean a carpet.

So if you are a resident of Fullerton, CA or surrounding cities, or you own a Fullerton based business call us. When searching for “carpet cleaning Fullerton”, give Tim’s Carpet Cleaning a call. Tim and his crew can usually resurrect even the most downtrodden of carpets and usually make it look almost new condition. It’s far cheaper than buying a new carpet, and far more thorough than any other inferior method of carpet cleaning.

Tim’s Carpet Cleaning has the vast experience in carpet cleaning Fullerton and carpet cleaning Orange County, to make your business offices or home look like a place that people want to visit.

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