How long will it take my carpet to dry?

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Many factors depend on the dry time. Temperature, humidity ect.. But the short answer is 6-10 hours. You may walk on the carpet. Just no parties or move in for 24 hrs.

How Often should I clean my carpet?
Fullerton carpet cleaningUsually between 6 months – one year carpet should be cleaned,depending on traffic.

What do you use?
All our cleaning products are consistent with the industry standards and are compliant with manufacturers warranties. Ourcleaning solutions are OSHA and EPA compliant.


What furniture is moved?
We move things like tables, chairs and couches. Bigger things
like beds, entertainment centers ect.. are not moved.

Do fabric protectors work?
Fabric protectors won’t keep your carpet from getting dirty.
It’s purpose is to prolong the life of your carpet and make stains
more removable.