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Tim’s carpet cleaning professionals are trained to deliver the finest in service and quality. Using Tim’s proprietary carpets & upholstery cleaning solutions and powerful equipment. You can trust our expert technicians and quality products. We service most all Orange County carpet cleaning needs including carpet cleaning Yorba Linda,  carpet cleaning Brea,  Anaheim and Anaheim Hills, Fullerton, Diamond Bar and most Orange County California cities

Carpet cleaning fullertonCarpet Cleaning: Our Job includes all steps to insure your carpets are as clean as they can possibly be. If you are unhappy, we will come back and re-clean any areas. If you are still not happy we will refund your money. What could be more fair?

Upholstery Cleaning: We take care of all upholstered fabrics making them look and smell there best. It is common for people to professionally clean their carpets but neglect their furniture. We recommend an annual cleaning for all upholstered furniture. This will create a healthier environment for your family by professionally removing the dirt and dust mites that live in  the fabrics. When we come to clean your carpets you can ask us about this service.

Pet Urine Treatment: We remove the pet odor not just mask it! Our pet urine and odor removal is second to nun in the industry. We use our 130 degree steam equipment, cleaners and deodorizers to completely remove any residue of urine, stain, and odors. On rare occasions we have to lift the carpets to to get to the padding and base flooring. We will do this if necessary and will take the utmost care this is done properly are returned to the original condition. The quicker you call the less chance of the pet urine going down to the base boards.
Tile and Grout Cleaning:
We use the best equipment with our truck mounts to make your grout & tile shine again. Grout gets stained by absorbing the dirt and grease and building up mold in moist areas from every day living. Kitchens and bathrooms are especially prone to discoloration of the grout. Our equipment can really make your grout and tiles sparkle again. This gives a new fresh look and feel to your rooms with tiles and grout. It always feels good and is definitely healthier for your living areas.
Emergency Flood: We can clean your house of any flood and then bill your insurance company. We have 24-hour emergency service, so call us day or night! It’s very important that you call immediately so we can get the drying process started right away. Usually there is a lot of build up in your carpets that can quickly cause unhealthy environment encouraging bacteria and unhealthy foul odors. If you wait only a few days you are encouraging this perfect state for unhealthy rooms and inside the home air. Just opening the windows to dry your carpeting is not enough. We need to lift the carpeting  and put our drying machines under it so it can dry top and bottom. Once your carpet is dry we will do a professional steam cleaning. Our high temperature cleaning and odor removers will refresh your carpeting to almost new state.

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Fabric Protection: We offer carpet and upholstery fabric protection  This protection will prolong the life of your carpets or upholstered furniture. When your get stains on your carpets or upholstery they will be easier to clean up. This protection also resists stains. When we come to your home you can ask us about this protection. It puts a barrier on the fabrics so when a stain producing liquid or solid comes in contact with the fabric it will repel it. It’s still important to call us when this happens so the staining material can be completely removed.

So if you need carpet cleaning orange county or our other excellent services for any of the cities just call us. We will go to most orange county cities including carpet cleaning Yorba Linda, Brea CA, Fullerton CA, Anaheim,  Anaheim Hills and most other cities.